Movies Now Boasting Non-Spoilery Trailers…In France

By  · Published on August 17th, 2012

Translation? “In order to ensure that its various plot elements and surprises remain unrevealed, this trailer is only based on the first half of the film.”

It’s a hell of a sentiment, but as you might have guessed (from the headline and all the French words), it comes from France. The image and translation comes from friend of the site, Sleepy Skunk, who recently gained fame for his Amazing Spider-Man in 25 Minutes video which criticized the sheer amount of marketing available now. The result of that onslaught, as well as the general need to explain everything possible in an advertisement, is that we’re getting a lot of trailers that spoil almost everything. They draw from the second act liberally and sometimes from the third.

Fortunately, the trend is seeing at least a small reversal as proven by this new placard that’s begun to spring up in front of a handful of trailers in France. With any luck, it’ll spread and make it’s way to our shores. The people demand it. Way to go, France!

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