Movie Date Ideas for ‘John Carter,’ ‘Silent House,’ and ‘Salmon Fishing’

By  · Published on March 9th, 2012

We’ve already signed up hundreds of people for FSR Dating – the first dating site for movie fans – and to aid the endeavor to provide all of our readers with that special tingle, we’re tossing out a few ideas (that you can totally claim as your own) for forming dates around this week’s releases. They’re perfect for finding a new flame or for proving to your current wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend that cheap roses for Valentine’s Day isn’t all you’re good for (even if it totally is).

This week involves a trip to Mars, a haunted house and a movie title that no one can get right. If you plan on catching John Carter, Silent House or Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, what are you doing afterward?

Check out these thematic date ideas, sack up, and go ask someone out. Then send us the pictures.

How About We See John Carter Then…

…Try to Find Mars

Remember, it’s not a “cheap date.” It’s a romantic one. According to the experts over at Scope City, the best night to see Mars was the third this month, but it’s still going to be highly visible. Find an open field around midnight and try to imagine the huge, CGI war that’s being waged up there.

…Go to Space Camp

A bonus option for those 1) willing to commit when it comes to first dates and 2) who keep saying they’re going to do it but never do. Imagine how awesome it will be when you discuss Willem Dafoe’s four-armed method acting and then ask your date to pack a bag for five days for a road trip to Huntsville and beyond. Is there anything better than falling in love in a zero G simulator? Of course not. It’s science.

How About We See Silent House Then…

…Go Ghost Hunting

It’s true that in hundreds of episodes of ghost hunting shows, no one ever finds a ghost, but that just means you’ll be even more famous when you’re the first one to do it. Finding a group of paranormal stalkers is as easy as throwing a rock (if throwing a rock is just as easy as visiting this website), and the whole thing is win-win. Either you find nothing and can bond by mocking how idiotic all of it is, or you find something and bond over that one time you both peed your pants at the same time.

Now, is Silent House an actual ghost story? No, but the trailer sure makes it look that way, so it seems like a fair game. Go find an old house. sit around in the dark, and start asking questions to the silence. Bonus point if you pretend to be possessed.

How About We See Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Then…

…Go Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

If you don’t have the cash to fly all the way to Sana’a for some sport, salmon fishing is just as good in Orgeon, in the parking lot of a Bass Pro Show, or in kiddie pool you put in your living room and pre-loaded with Salmon. The benefit of that last one is that you can head home after the movie and not have to put yourself at risk of death for being in the middle of an Arab Spring revolution or for being in the middle of a parking lot where giant trucks are constantly showing off their Hemi engines.

What are you seeing this week? Will you seriously take pictures for us? After all, we’re paying for your contraceptives.

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