Morgan Freeman Is Playing a Civil Rights Lawyer in ‘Ted 2’

By  · Published on September 11th, 2014

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In casting news that really makes you think about the significance of life on this big blue rock hurtling through space we call our world, Morgan Freeman has signed on for a “juicy role” in Seth MacFarlane’s much-anticipated sequel to Ted, according to Variety. The aptly named Ted 2 will again be scripted and directed by MacFarlane, who will also return to voice the pesky little teddy bear with the loudest mouth.

The details of the plot are scarce for the time being, but Freeman was apparently sought for his role – which makes sense, because if you’re going to attempt to go big you might as well go all the way to the top and fight for someone like Freeman. MacFarlane has been searching for high-profile celebrities to nail down supporting roles and cameos (still uncasted) to join the film and step out of their comfort zone for some gross-out humor and casual conversation with a talking teddy bear.

What’s clear at this point is that the actor will play an “iconic” civil rights lawyer who steps into the mix when Ted lands himself in some legal trouble that needs to be resolved. To accompany Freeman, several members of the original cast will return, including Mark Wahlberg and frequent MacFarlane collaborator Patrick Warburton. The former starred as Ted’s best friend and partner in crime, John, who wished for the toy to come to life when he was a child and had the wish fulfilled during a particularly generous falling star.

What’s interesting to note is that Mila Kunis is not returning, despite the fact that Ted ended with her character, Lori, finally getting married to John after a traumatic incident involving Ted almost dying. This led to the threesome coming to an understanding about the importance of their relationship dynamics: John and Ted would always be best friends, but Lori and John were in love, and they could all coexist together. Friends! Instead, Amanda Seyfried is the big female lead of Ted 2. Not to be completely negative, but do you think that the whole “Ted being okay with sharing John with someone else” thing didn’t work out?

Casting someone of Freeman’s caliber in the film is an odd choice, but it’s not terribly surprising. MacFarlane is well-connected and well-liked. His last film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, was packed with names, including Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Giovanni Ribisi and Seyfried. MacFarlane has the credentials and references to back a production, and while Freeman isn’t exactly known for his comedic prowess, something says that’s not why he was brought in here. Ted needs a stately and imposing lawyer, doesn’t he, one who can bring out the fear of God?

What do you suppose happened that required the need for a civil rights lawyer? Good money says that Ted lost his cushy job as the manager of a grocery store because he’s a teddy bear. Whoever made that decision now has to face Morgan Freeman. Dummies.