In the Mood for Interaction: Wong Kar-wai’s Intersections

In The Mood For Love
By  · Published on November 16th, 2017

The Hong Kong Second Wave filmmaker loves synchronicity.

The films of Wong Kar-wai, specifically In the Mood for Love, are vivid portraits of desire (and often, the desire OF desire). In the Mood for Love specifically embodies this through a lyrical visual storytelling technique that creates a feeling of interfilm interaction between shots and components.

This is the theme of interaction that courses through the film, finding motif in visual and sonic elements to echo the plot details of the film itself.

Essayist Catherine Grant edited a video comprised of a synchronous compilation of images from In the Mood for Love’s ‘Yumeji’s Theme’ montage sequences to give viewers the sense, broken down, into what Kar-wai accomplished so subliminally.

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