Mondo’s Next Gallery Opening, Fantastic Fest Events, and More…

By  · Published on September 11th, 2012

I was going to yell at most of you (yes, even you!) for not buying an advance ticket to Cinema East’s Tugg screening of I Am Not a Hipster. Why? Because I really want to see that film, but not enough pre-sale tickets were sold so it was cancelled. But as I thought about it some more, I realized that my yelling would have probably come off as being condescending or patronizing. Besides, it is not my job to lecture the Austinites reading this column about their lack of support of independent film, now is it? It does sound like Cinema East is going to give us another chance to see I Am Not a Hipster in the near future, so stayed tuned…and please don’t let me down ever again.

While on the subject of cancelled screenings… You know those high winds that came in with the “cold front” on Saturday? Well, those very same winds that brought our daytime temperatures down into the 80s (!!!) destroyed the screen at the Blue Starlite! For those of you who were disappointingly turned away from the sold out Saturday night screening of Grease, there will be a “wind check” (you know, like a rain check but without the rain) date on September 28 but you do need to send an email to them to confirm your slot. If you cannot make it that screening, you can use your “wind check” anytime before the end of the year; you just need email the Blue Starlite (at [email protected]) at least one week in advance to reserve your slot for whatever show you’d like. Check out the Blue Starlite Facebook page for more information. In the meantime, the Blue Starlite is working on a “better, stronger, wind proofer screen.”

Now, on to more cheerful topics…

Well, okay maybe cheerful is a poor choice in words, because I am actually pretty bummed that I am going to miss the Mondo Gallery’s next opening (September 14), featuring artists Robert Brandenburg and Craig Drake. It was love at first sight when I set my eyes upon Drake’s Patrick Nagel-inspired prints. There is something so sexy about Drake’s clean and simple pop aesthetic, so I am very curious to see how he has re-imagined the iconic characters of Metropolis, Black Swan, Kill Bill and more for the Mondo show. Brandenburg, on the other hand, I do not know; but from what I have read (and it is obviously an oversimplified description of his work), he uses original one-sheets from classic movie posters as the basis for his art. If you cannot make the opening, the show runs through October 6. Hey! Maybe you can buy me a Drake print for my birthday. That would be really awesome.

Plus, FSR will be debuting one of the prints on Thursday, so stick around for that.

As if I was not already excited enough about Fantastic Fest 2012, the events and parties lineup was announced today. Thus begins the mental tug-o-war between fantastic genre movies, amazing parties and sleep…but sleep is for the weakest among us, right?

For the opening night party (September 20), Fantastic Fest will transform The Highball into Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. You are strongly encouraged to dress as your favorite classic terrors of the silver screen (black and white formal-wear is encouraged) and compete in the costume contest. From that point on, all bets are off… I already know that it will be virtually impossible for me to pass up the Chaos Reigns Karaoke Party (The Highball, September 21). In honor of Drafthouse Films re-release of Miami Connection (1987), the night will commence with the 25th anniversary reunion concert of Dragon Sound followed by an unforgettable evening of highly intoxicated karaoke.

I have yet to attend a Fantastic Debates (South Austin Gym, September 22), where movie types argue then box, so 2012 might just be the year for that. I am also sufficiently enticed by The American Scream Homemade Haunted House Hellbash (Alamo South Lamar, September 23) which will obviously feature a haunted house – created by the film’s subject Manny “The Halloween Guy” Souza – and a post-screening celebration in an indoor cemetery with the filmmakers, the documentary’s stars and live music by Xander Harris. The Welcome to Hellfjord Norwegian Party (The Highball, September 26) sounds pretty awesome too. I am a fan of Cold Prey, Dead Snow and You Said What? , so I am really looking forward to the world premiere of seven-part Norwegian miniseries, Hellfjord. There will be Jarlsberg, Akvavit and all the rakfisk you can eat, as well as Norwegian-style black metal musical guests and complimentary corpsepainting makeovers.

Last but not least, Fantastic Fest certainly knows how to go out with a bang, and this year’s Red Dawn-themed closing night party (The American Legion Hall, September 27) promises to be no exception. Fantastic Fest will transform the Austin American Legion into a maximum-security prison where prisoners will enjoy delousing stations as well as free prison tattoos and head-shaves. Executive Chef John Bullington will serve wild-game bulgogi, kimchi and piping-hot shots of deer blood all to the tunes of the great Future Folk.

Austin Movie Events This Week:

9/11 – Alamo South Lamar – AFS’s Essential Cinema Series features The Grocer’s Son. (More info)

9/11 – Violet Crown Cinema – The Criterion Collection’s Arthouse Monthly presents Marcel Carné’s Children of Paradise. (More info)

9/12–9/13 – Alamo Village – Big screen classics presents Hausu, a mind-blowing Nobuhiko Ohbayashi film from 1977. (More info)

9/12–9/14 – Spirit of Texas Theater and Scottish Rite Theater – The 2012 Lights. Camera. Help. Nonprofit Film Festival. (More info)

9/13 – Alamo South Lamar – When Chris Marker died on July 29, 2012, the world of cinema lost one of its most innovative creators, so AFS joins forces with the Alamo Drafthouse for a Chris Marker tribute featuring La jetée and Sans Soliel. (More info)

9/14–9/15 – Alamo Ritz – In preparation for Rian Johnson’s Looper, The Late Show screens his amazing debut feature (which also happens to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Brick. (More info)

9/15 – Cheer Up Charlie’s – The Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) kicks off its 25th year with a fabulous launch party hosted by Austin’s grand dame, Rebecca Havemeyer! Oh, and its free! (More info)

9/16 – Cantina El Milamores at Takoba – Cine Las Americas’ fall program launch, new Membership Drive and outdoor screening of Antonio Serrano’s Hidalgo, The Untold Story. Its free, but you should RSVP to secure a seat for the screening. (More info)

9/16 – Alamo Ritz – Zzang!!! presents Revenge of the Nerds. (More info)