‘Mission: Impossible 5’ May Be Heading the Way of Christopher McQuarrie

By  · Published on November 14th, 2012

It must feel pretty good to be Christopher McQuarrie right now. The writer/director has Jack Reacher coming out in a month’s time, which is hopefully as cool as the footage we’ve seen, but that’s not the only reason McQuarrie must be pleased with himself. With the big promotional push for a risky Christmas Day release, Paramount is putting a lot of confidence into McQuarrie’s movie. Now, with news of the Usual Suspects writer in line to helm Mission: Impossible 5, the studio clearly wants to stay in the McQuarrie business.

And good for him. Ever since The Way of the Gun, he’s been stuck in director’s jail, or at least it seemed that way. His excellent, overlooked directorial debut was critically divisive and far from a box office hit. His lack of directorial work doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping busy, though. Over the past few years he’s struck a good working relationship with Tom Cruise, and after Jack Reacher, it’s apparently gotten better.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting Paramount is so pleased with McQuarrie’s work, they want him to direct the next Mission: Impossible film. Another writer will be brought on to get the project going, though, since the studio is keen on moving fast after the success of Ghost Protocol. No story details are currently known, but I think it’s fair to say it’ll involve Ethan Hunt saving the world.

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