Milla Jovovich Will Lead In the Lost Lands Based on George R.R. Martin Stories

By  · Published on February 3rd, 2015

Screen Gems

If you couldn’t get enough of George R.R. Martin on the big screen over the weekend with the IMAX showings of Game of Thrones, the author’s work is heading to theaters once again. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog, a few of Martin’s short stories are being turned into a movie called In the Lost Lands, and Milla Jovovich is set to star.

The title comes from one of the stories, originally published in 1982, which is being intertwined with 1976’s “The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr” and 1977’s “Bitterblooms.” Interestingly, not all of these tales seem to be of likeminded fantasy. While the first two involve familiar elements to GOT fans, like sorcery and dragons, the last contains space travel.

It’s not entirely clear from the initial announcement, but I’m assuming Jovovich will play a role mashed together from main characters from each of these three stories, even though she’s so far only directly assigned a sorceress part from “In the Lost Lands.” If that’s it for her, we’ll be hearing about more ensemble additions down the road, and if they’re smart they’ll go for a member of the GOT cast – almost anyone would do. Currently on board already is actor Justin Chatwin of War of the Worlds and the TV series Shameless. The movie has a script from and will be directed by Constantin Werner (The Pagan Queen) and will shoot later this year.

This is, of course, not the first movie from Martin’s work. We mustn’t forget the 1987 sci-fi feature Nightflyers, which is at least as good as Catherine Mary Stewart’s presence can give it. A similar condition might befall In the Lost Lands considering it’s not being made by anyone of real note, but Jovovich can still woo us enough to watch her in action in fairly dumb packages. Unlike when Nightflyers came out, though, fans are going to have certain expectations from something with Martin’s name on it.

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