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Trump Expose ‘Fire and Fury’ is Coming to TV

A massive deal was struck to bring the Wolff’s unsparing Trump report to the small screen.
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By  · Published on January 18th, 2018

A massive deal was struck to bring the bestselling book to the small screen.

The controversial exposé “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House will soon be adapted for television. This comes courtesy of Endeavor Content, which purchased the film and TV rights of the bestselling book for what is said to have been a seven-figure deal.

“Fire and Fury” is Michael Wolff‘s sensational scathing chronicle of Donald Trump’s first year in office, a book that reveals a vastly unprepared president and a White House that did not believe in him. Of course, “Fire and Fury” took the world by storm by the sheer fact of it existing. Wolff had made it into Trump’s inner circle and garnered a ton of interviews with key players, and had evidently done so without White House employees figuring out his motives. Wolff was able to speak to Trump himself, as well as members of the administration, including former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Earlier in the month, The Guardian revealed portions of “Fire and Fury” involving Bannon, who has taken the brunt of the blame for speaking unfavorably of the Trump administration to Wolff. The president has since lashed out against the book and his former strategist, but predictably, “Fire and Fury” has only gained in profile since. Publisher Henry Holt moved the book’s date forward earlier this month when White House officials attempted to stop it from coming out, and copies sold out in minutes in most bookstores. “Fire and Fury” is currently the bestselling work of any genre worldwide.

Whether the series will be a dramatization or documentary remains to be seen. Amusingly, political drama veteran Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) proclaimed Trump too boring for television, stating, “I wouldn’t do it because I don’t find him to be a terribly interesting character.” But there could be value in exploring a political machine that lacked this much internal communication that “Fire and Fury” could be written in the first place.

Endeavor Content is currently shopping the series around several networks. It has a considerable advantage for a Trump administration story after HBO canceled plans to create a show based on the 2016 election. Wolff is set to executive produce the “Fire and Fury” series alongside Two Cities Television CEO Michael Jackson.

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