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Michael B. Jordan Will Make His Directorial Debut With ‘The Stars Beneath Our Feet’

We are already all about this adaptation of David Barclay Moore’s empathetic debut novel.
Michael B Jordan Creed
By  · Published on November 10th, 2017

We are already all about this adaptation of David Barclay Moore’s empathetic debut novel.

Michael B. Jordan will be directing his first film very soon. Deadline reports that Jordan, who is best known for starring roles in films like Creed and Black Panther, will be helming an adaptation of David Barclay Moore‘s novel, “The Stars Beneath Our Feet.”

The Stars Beneath Our Feet will be adapted for the screen by Moore himself. The novel follows the journey of a young African-American boy, Lolly, who has to cope with his older brother’s death is a gang-related shooting a few months prior. 12-year-old Lolly has loved Legos from a young age and seeks solace in a pile of them that his mother’s girlfriend brings him one day. The building blocks provide the foundation of his life in the form of escapism and creativity, keeping Lolly on his feet. Per Amazon’s description of the book, “The Stars Beneath Our Feet” is “a powerful portrait of a boy teetering on the edge—of adolescence, of grief, of violence—and shows how Lolly’s inventive spirit helps him build a life with firm foundations and open doors.”

According to Jordan, directing has been in the cards for him for a while, and he had been anxiously seeking out the perfect project to start the endeavor with. “The Stars Beneath Our Feet tells a story that really spoke to me, and I’m looking forward to jumping behind the camera,” Jordan said, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with some very smart and talented directors and it inspired me to take on this new challenge.”

Jordan has worked on great films with directors like Ryan Coogler and had stints on acclaimed drama series such as The Wire and Friday Night Lights. And even if you didn’t like that Fantastic Four reboot, Josh Trank’s Chronicle was a great take on grimdark superheroes in its own right. Hence, Jordan has had an excellent directorial primer throughout his career.

Moreover, in choosing The Stars Beneath Our Feet as his directorial debut, Jordan reveals further insight into the kinds of stories he wants to tell, especially in terms of representing African-American communities. The Stars Beneath Our Feet already sounds like such an important film, for want of a better word. One of Jordan’s other recent commitments is the Netflix sci-fi series, Raising Dion, which will allow the superhero genre to zoom in on a Black American mother trying to protect her son as he manifests superhero-like abilities. There is a distinct pattern of empathy and community in Jordan’s choice of projects, which he’ll obviously focus on alongside all those big roles in blockbusters. Jordan is showcasing an ability to prioritize both heart and spectacle, and he may just be the filmmaker we need right now.

Besides Raising Dion, Jordan was most recently attached to star opposite Michael Shannon in an adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 from 99 Homes director Ramin Bahrani. Until then, his next big screen appearance will be in Marvel’s Black Panther, which is due out February 16, 2018.

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