Meg Ryan Set to Direct First Feature with ‘Into the Beautiful’

By  · Published on April 6th, 2011

It’s almost always a toss-up when an actor turns to directing, but there have been just as many truly incredible success stories as forgotten failures. However, something about Meg Ryan’s acting career makes me believe she’ll be a strong director. She’s known for romantic comedies, sure, but she’s also been surrounded by a lot of different story styles (from Joe vs The Volcano to The Doors), and some insanely talented directors (from Rob Reiner to Nora Eprhon to Oliver Stone), so it would be almost impossible for anyone to avoid picking up some directing pointers.

We’ll find out how many pointers she picked up when she directs Into the Beautiful, a movie scant on plot details right now except that it involves a group of friends reuniting. According to Variety, this is the movie Ryan will make her first directorial mark on.

It’s unclear whether this was the mystery project she was talking about at Cannes a year ago (some speculated it was a drama called Little Black Train), but Forrest Gump and Devil Wears Prada producer Wendy Finerman (who was also attached to Little Black Train) will be helping the project along.

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