Matthew McConaughey Takes an Alternative Approach to Medicine in the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Trailer

By  · Published on August 27th, 2013

Yesterday we brought you a whole slew of stills featuring Matthew McConaughey as AIDS patient and activist Ron Woodroof in Jean-Marc Vallée’s Dallas Buyers Club, and just a day later, his character comes to life in the trailer.

Woodroof is a red-blooded, all-American Texas man who drives fast cars, smokes and gambles, and suffers from HIV. And when his doctor (Jennifer Garner) tells him he only has 30 days to live after giving him his prognosis, he finds that unacceptable, and sets out to Mexico to find better treatments for his awful disease. When he finds medicine far beyond what the FDA is willing to give him and his fellow patients, he sets up his own little business back in the states getting the people what they deserve. Check out the trailer for yourself:

The film looks like it promises powerful performances from Garner as the doctor who is finally understanding what her patients are actually going through, Jared Leto as Woodroof’s partner in crime (and in drag), and McConaughey, who truly transformed himself for the role. Physically, of course, but also as a “serious” actor. Have you ever watched a trailer and thought, “what a moving performance by Matthew McConaughy” (outside of Magic Mike)? Could this be the year that we see a McConaughy Oscar speech?