Mars Volta’s ‘Engine Slayer’ Trailer Is Manic

By  · Published on April 30th, 2010

Not to long ago, I suggested The Mars Volta as one of the bands that I would love to see/hear score a film. I’m a huge fan of them musically, and this trailer makes The Sentimental Engine Slayer look like the visual exploration of what the band does sonically.

It was directed/written/produced/composed by guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez:

Looks strictly for fans and for the art house crowds. It hit Tribeca this year.

The Tribeca summary is as follows:

Barlam is a timid, twentysomething grocery bagger lurching clumsily toward manhood in the dusty US-Mexico border town of El Paso, Texas. He’s been feeling anxious recently… something about the humdrum of everyday life doesn’t fit quite right. His addict sister Nati – equal parts charm and damage – clicks in too well with their borderline incestuous dynamic and gets caught up in Barlam’s obsession with a Puerto Rican boy who looks just like him. Thing is, this boy might be the missing piece to their broken family history. Soon Barlam is descending into a seedy underworld where reality and fantasy entangle, masculinity and belonging are thrown into crisis, and flippant humor reveals disillusionment, desire, and rage. And there are some pretty imaginative narcotics, too….

Who doesn’t love imaginative narcotics?

I’m not exactly sold based on the imagery going on there, but I’m curious to check it out for the soundtrack alone and because the world doesn’t have enough movies featuring people making out with bloody roadside bodies.


Thanks to I Watch Stuff for the tip.

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