Marlon Wayans to Spoof Found Footage with ‘Smart Ass’

By  · Published on February 14th, 2012

According to Variety, Marlon Wayans will be co-directing and starring in Smart Ass – a piss take on the found footage genre. His last attempt in a long line of spoofs was the aggressively average Dance Flick. Now, he’s turning his attention to a fad that’s already tired and taking aim at Paranormal Activity and its cousins.

Maybe returning to horror will be the key to success for the In Living Color comedian who once nailed down the 90s scares in Scary Movie.

Essence Atkins – who was in Dance Flick and How High – will co-star.

There’s no doubt that its a genre rife for parody, especially when it seems to parodying itself. Still, spoof movies have been tarnished completely by the Movie Movies, and it’s not like the Wayanses have kept their shine when it comes to the art. Hopefully there will be more to it than pop culture references that will instantly be dated and tired jokes that come too easily. Still, as any movie fan knows, there’s plenty to make fun of found footage for.

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