Mark Ruffalo Might Hulk Out For ‘Avengers’

By  · Published on July 14th, 2010

You’re well aware of what went down with Edward Norton and Marvel (or at least as in the know as someone who isn’t Edward Norton or Marvel can be), and the next question on the docket is who will step in as a replacement for Avengers.

After all, Comic Con is next week, and someone has to sit on the stage with the rest of the gang.

As it turns out, Marvel is way ahead of the game here. They’ve already been talking to Mark Ruffalo, and it looks like they may be inches away from signing him on.

If you’re going to replace an actor like Norton, Ruffalo is one of the only options out there for the job. He’s an incredible acting presence and anyone who is worried about whether he can pull off action need only be reminded that Ruffalo won’t have to. His CGGM (computer generated green muscles) will take care of throwing buildings at people and whatnot.

Many fans are disappointed that Norton won’t be a part of the gang, and it certainly diminishes the idea of the Avengers truly assembling, but Ruffalo can only be good for the film.

Let’s see who else Marvel gets rid of before getting too happy, though.

What now?

Source: Deadline Omaha

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