Mark Romanek Won’t Go Mickey Mouse With ‘Cinderella’

By  · Published on January 8th, 2013

I would love to meet the executives at Disney who ever said, “Never Let Me Go and One Hour Photo? This guy Mark Romanek reeks of Disney goodness!” Nobody at the studio probably said that, sadly, but I’m sure more than a few Disney folks were conscious of what they were getting with the director. It looks everyone was just now hit with the realization that he’s not an atypical Disney protégé, as the director has left the high-profile Cinderella project.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Romanek’s intentions were a tad too dark for Disney’s taste. This isn’t the first time this situation has gone down with him. If you recall, Romanek also dodged a big silver bullet by dropping The Wolfman right before shooting began. Let’s hope Cinderella isn’t met with the same quality fate as The Wolfman, but thankfully for Disney, they have more time to find a replacement before the possible summer start date than Universal did getting Joe Johnston to take Romanek’s place. The question is who it will be.

Right now Disney is searching for a replacement, along with whoever is going to play Cinderella. Only Cate Blanchett is currently attached as Lady Tremaine. While Disney tries to find a new director, let’s hope Romanek gets another project going soon. It would be a shame to see another seven year gap in his filmography.

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