Marc Webb Introduces the World to His New Harry Osborn

By  · Published on December 3rd, 2012

Now this is a way of announcing big casting that we can get behind. The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb has circumvented scoops, toldjas, exclusives, and the entire trade racket and gone ahead and announced the casting of the film’s sequel’s Harry Osborn via his Twitter. In a simple tweet from earlier today, Webb tells his loyal followers: “Meet Harry Osborn. @danedehaan.,” directing us over to Chronicle’s Dane DaHaan’s own Twitter, along with that appropriately moody picture up top.

DeHaan was one of three names mentioned as being a possible for the role back in November. Along with Brady Corbet and Alden Ehrenreich, DeHaan’s name popped up when THR reported that Webb and company were going for “dark and edgy,” though a few days later, the outlet then reported that the role could be going in a different direction, with a whole slew of other names trotted out as Osborn-maybes. So, dark and moody it is?