‘Magic Mooncake’ Is Cute and Animated Cooking Slapstick

By  · Published on October 20th, 2017

All the cuteness of a cooking .gif in a short film.

A comic short describing the cooking process of its dish, Magic Mooncake combines CG and real-life cinematography into a cutesy anthropomorphic group of ingredients that are absolutely nothing like Sausage Party.

Calm-faced eggs and rowdy nuts flavor high-definition cooking porn with animated glee. Those as obsessed with learning recipes through animated .gifs as I am will find joy in the background details as much as the foregrounded shenanigans of the Mickey Mouse-like food.

It’s cute and minimalist, quickly shedding any overtures of story or fable that it may have alluded to in its title, which makes for an enjoyable bit of cultural whimsy heightened by a magic present in the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival for which these cakes are made.

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