It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Max Fury Road

The fan-made trailer to end all fan-made trailers.
By  · Published on May 12th, 2017

The fan-made trailer to end all fan-made trailers.

Idon’t normally run with a lot of fan made trailers here, the kind of things that turn comedies into thrillers or thrillers into comedies, not out of a lack of respect – that stuff is hard to do and highly entertaining when done well – but because stuff like that usually goes up everywhere at once and I like to save the few spots I have every day for lesser-seen efforts. Sometimes, though, you come across something ingenious that you’ve never seen anywhere else, and protocol gets broken.

Such is the case with It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Max Fury Road, a mashup of the two titular movies – one a bumbling ensemble comedy from Stanley Kramer and the other a post-apocalyptic free-for-all from George Miller, in case you don’t know – that was made a couple years ago by Ezequiel Lopez and quietly racked up a quarter-million hits on Vimeo without me knowing about it.

Using audio from Fury Road paired with images from …Mad World, Lopez has crafted an ingenious hybrid of two films that you would assume have nothing more in common than their names, but, man, you’d be wrong. Greed, loyalty, resilience, doubt, and faith are key elements of both stories, and though Kramer is admittedly nowhere near the action director Miller is, both films exhibit a breakneck pace that’s vital to their respective emotional successes.

To even think to pair such divergent films together is a stroke of genius, but to do it so masterfully in terms of content and context results in some next-level shit no description can do justice, you just have to experience it for yourself. So press play.

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