‘Luther’ Movie in the Works, If Idris Elba Isn’t Too Busy Being a Movie Star

By  · Published on August 28th, 2013

In a few short years, Idris Elba’s gone from “that guy who was on The Wire” to “that guy who is in everything.” But the British actor still stays true to his early years ‐ specifically, Luther, the BBC crime drama Elba starred in before he ever appeared in Thor or Prometheus or Pacific Rim or anything else. Elba’s spoken before about returning to the series (which ran for three seasons) in the form of a movie. Now, Neil Cross (creator of Luther) may hold him to those words.

Cross has been hard at work bringing Detective Chief Inspector John Luther to the screen once again. He’s already got a script written, and now plans to make the film next year. Cross had already mentioned that Luther as a series was finished, as Elba is too big a movie star to return to TV. Transporting Luther to the big screen looks like the right way to hold Elba’s attention.

According to Cross, the film will be a prequel detailing his early years with the police and his marriage to Zoe, who at the start of the TV series is already falling out of love with Luther. The film will reportedly end with the first scene of the television series, which sees (and it’s not really a spoiler, as it’s the first thing you’ll see when you watch the show) Luther purposefully letting a killer take a several story fall.

More Luther is definitely a good thing. He might not be as unhinged as he is in later seasons, and he may have a more stable home life than we’re used to. But he’ll still be the same Luther we all know and love. [The Hollywood Reporter]