Louis Leterrier Imagines a World Without Gravity

By  · Published on February 23rd, 2011

Louis Leterrier Imagines a World Without Gravity

Louis Leterrier gets a bad rap in this world where your latest work is all that matters. He’s never been a groundbreaker, but the Transporter flicks were a lot of action-y fun, and he improved on the big green menace known as Hulk even with a ton of production trouble. None of that makes up for Clash of the Titans or the ophthalmology bills its 3D caused, but his next two projects sound pretty solid.

We already knew about Now You See Me which sees the world of bank heists meeting the world of trick-doers magicians illusionists. Now, according to Heat Vision, Leterrier will be directing the sci-fi thriller G which features a father trying to track down his son in a world that’s stop spinning and has no gravity.

A quick science digression: those two elements may not be related, but if the movie explains that the earth’s ceasing to spin is what caused the lack of gravity, foreheads will meet palms, and there will be a new movie for NASA to complain about.

Producer Guymon Casady (The Expendables) is responsible for the high concept, and the production is currently looking for a screenwriter. No word yet on whether the movie will feature a McDonald’s tie-in called the McG.

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