Loki is in Desperate Need of Hair Product in First ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Clip

By  · Published on October 7th, 2013

On paper, Thor: The Dark World might be about Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and a dark world, but for a lot of people, the real draw will be seeing more of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Naturally, the first clip released from the film is overflowing with the trickster, featuring the kind of snappy repartee we’ve come to expect from the God of Mischief, even if he is missing his trademark horned helmet and any kind of basic hair care.

The setup’s pretty simple: Loki, having tried and failed to conquer Earth in The Avengers, is now in time-out, but Thor needs his help, for reasons that would probably be clearer were this clip longer than 53 seconds. Thor promises his adopted brother freedom from space jail as well as vengeance (for something that again, we’ll probably figure out in a not-less-than-a-minute viewing of Thor: The Dark World). After a little back-and-forth about being desperate and “betray me and I will kill you,” the Odinson brothers are together once more.

Fans may be clamoring for the villain more than the titular hero, but the film itself seems to be tilting in the same direction. The most intriguing character work seems heaped in Loki’s lap – will he betray Thor, side with the film’s villains, betray everyone, or follow some yet-unknown path? Thor, on the other hand, just looks angry and sad. Maybe he’ll cheer up a bit on November 8, when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters and rakes in several Asgards’ worth of cash.

Check out the clip below (courtesy of Fandango):