Little Museum of Horrors: The Artistic References of Lars Von Trier

By  · Published on October 11th, 2017

The controversial director isn’t shy about anything, especially his references.

Lars Von Trier is a meticulous director, despite his looseness with words on his own time. His films, resplendent with technical detail, are often supernatural in their over-the-top production. This often echoes an emotional maximalism and hankering to philosophize in his characters.

One of his more impressive feats, is slipping in so many references to the classics in each of his films. Especially after his Dogme 95 phase, which focused heavily on minimal effects and more naturalistic filmmaking, his depiction of great art in his heavy features was inescapable.

This essay by Titouan Ropert collects many of Von Trier’s references alongside their sources, doubling the beauty one receives from watching the director’s films without hardly any of the pain.

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