‘Little Favour’ Teaser: Benedict Cumberbatch Bleeds From His Face. A Lot.

By  · Published on September 25th, 2013

‘Little Favour’ Teaser: Benedict Cumberbatch Bleeds From His Face. A Lot.

Would anyone really have the urge to punch Benedict Cumberbatch in the face? Sure, he was the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, but even then he was far too grandiose to really deserve a bop on the head. And besides, Kirk tried more than once and just ended up tiring himself out.

Well, the teaser for Little Favour does what Kirk never could ‐ give Cumberbatch a serious case of facial bruising. There’s more to Little Favour then just repeated face-punchings, however. Cumberbatch stars as Wallace, a former British military officer suffering from PTSD. He recieves a call from an old army buddy (Nick Moran), but somewhere along the line things go very, very wrong. Go ahead and check out the film’s teaser below.

Cumberbatch’s face-rearrangement won’t be feature-length; Little Favor is a short film, and one made possible through a recent Indiegogo campain. Director Patrick Victor Moran originally asked for £25,000 (about $40,000), but ended up pulling in a cool £86,240 ($138,00). Something tells me those surplus funds may have something to do with the guy in the lead role.

But it’s pleasing to know Cumberbatch didn’t forget the little guy during his swift ascension to the top of Hollywood, and he’ll stick around for a low-budget short here and there. Even if those budgets tend to rocket skyward as soon as he gets involved. [The Hollywood Reporter]