As Life Flies By: Sofia Coppola Through Windows

Marie Antoinette
By  · Published on December 12th, 2017

A supercut of glass daydreams.

This supercut of director Sofia Coppola‘s shots, those through windows and those of characters looking through them, is filled with longing. As the Vimeo description notes, “whether they reflect themselves or the exteriors that surround them, it’s easy to get lost.”

Coppola always creates movies balanced between ethereal and realistic, sometimes deafeningly blunt when those two characteristics collide. The gaze through glass is one of the more thematically hefty of her visual techniques, as it promises separation, yearning, and otherworldliness in an action anyone who’s ridden in a car or had a window-side desk in school has taken.

Adolescence, or the pseudo-adolescence of a midlife crisis, is one of Coppola’s pet subjects. Nobody dreams like someone that feels stuck in a world they see changing all around them. It’s almost as if they are watching from their exhibit at the zoo, and we’re behind the two-way glass.

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