Let’s All Get Huge With a Brand New Gallery of ‘Pain & Gain’ Stills

By  · Published on April 9th, 2013

Michael Bay’s wacky true-life passion project, Pain & Gain, is finally set to explode on to our theater screens in a mess of steroids, sweat, tank tops, fire, blood, and greyhounds later this month, and if you’re still unconvinced that this thing is going to be some sort of insane masterpiece, we’ve got a batch of new stills for you to eyeball.

This new gallery includes plenty we’ve seen before ‐ Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson looking swoll (as the kids say), Anthony Mackie looking ever-so-slightly dubious, Rebel Wilson looking like she’s having the best time ever, and Tony Shalhoub getting the crap kicked out of him ‐ but it also comes complete with some new stuff, like said greyhound. Seriously, if you came up with a harebrained scheme to knock over a rich guy, wouldn’t you celebrate by buying a new purebred pup? Of course you would.

After the break, soak up some roid-laced rays with a fresh look at Pain & Gain and its inherent nuttiness.

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Pain & Gain opens on April 26th. [IMDb, via The Playlist]

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