Latest ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: Zod Uses The Mandarin’s Playbook

By  · Published on May 22nd, 2013

It’s official. Supervillains breaking into our TV feeds to deliver sloppily edited messages to the masses is something we have to deal with in our summer comic book blockbusters now. We saw The Mandarin do it continually in Iron Man 3, and apparently he gave Zod the log-in codes, because the Superman baddie is interrupting your Sports Center rerun in this new trailer for Man of Steel.

What to say at this point? By now we’ve all seen a half dozen trailers for the Zack Snyder movie coming June 14th, and you probably already know whether you’re buying a ticket for opening weekend or not. It’s doubtful that anything in this new look will convince the unconvinced or suddenly shock the true believers (no matter how many punches they line up with musical beats).

On the other hand, it’s great to see a movie finally have a villain ransom a superhero’s identity/capture against the well-being of society at large. Check out Zod’s demands for yourself:

And another thing: when villains bust into a feed, why is their video quality always so terrible? Whose TV still acts that way when getting a bad transmission? It’s high time filmmakers utilized the annoying, frozen pixelation that HD has brought us instead of what looks like a Handicam being hooked up by ancient yellow/white/red cables.

In other words, Man of Steel still looks crazy good. Michael Shannon unhinged could be the best thing about blockbuster season, and, obviously, he and Ben Kingsley need a spin-off where Zod and “The Mandarin” are roommates.

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