Ladies and Gentlemen, Loki Pretending to Be Captain America

By  · Published on January 27th, 2014


Somewhere out there, an obsessive is furiously writing fanfic about Tom Hiddleston playing Captain America. That person is about to have a fantastic day.

Thor: The Dark World featured a little undercover work facilitated by the prankster God, complete with a gender-bending Thor and a cameo from the star-spangled Chris Evans, but it turns out that they let Hiddleston try out the shield, too.

Watch for yourself and imagine Hiddleston punching Red Skull:

British people are playing all the other superheroes anyway, but now I want to see Hiddleston as all the other Marvel characters. Or better yet, they could dig into alternate universe territory and have all the established actors swap parts for a new Avengers-style team up.

Scarlett Johansson as Hulk. Just a thought.

Source: Empire

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