Kristen Wiig is Happy, Disgusted, Excited and Bored in the Welcome to Me Trailer

By  · Published on January 31st, 2015


Now that Kristen Wiig has figuratively won the lottery with a lead role in the Ghostbusters reboot, it’s about time we heard some release info on the movie where her character literally wins the lottery. That’d be Welcome to Me, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall to a fair amount of praise. Wiig plays a woman with borderline personality disorder who wins millions, starts her own television show and, as far as I can tell from its trailer, becomes quite successful with the latter in spite of her exhibition of strange and impulsive behavior while hosting the program. She also makes out with Wes Bentley and his latest shapely beard.

The rest of the cast of this movie is also impressive. There’s James Marsden, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Joan Cusack (Broadcast News callback!) joining Bentley at the TV station, plus Tim Robbins (pretend Network callback!) as Wiig’s therapist and Linda Cardellini. Wiig also produced the movie along with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (which would be more of a positive if they didn’t produce Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, too). McKay’s wife, Shira Piven (who is also Jeremy Piven’s sister), directed from a script by Eliot Laurence, her former improv student. It’s all one big happy family.

Welcome to Me looks good. Funny even. But is it the kind of movie that will make me feel bad for laughing at someone with a psychological disorder? And if I don’t laugh, should I be taking Wiig more seriously as an actress than I feel I can at this point? The character seems like one half of an SNL invention and a part she should play in 10 years when she is truly going out for the take-me-more-seriously dramatic roles. I’d rather just be able to laugh with her zaniness. I’d also like to see the movie and judge fairy, whenever this thing finally finds a release date. Alchemy (formerly known as Millennium Entertainment) picked it up last month, so hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

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