Kneel Before Him: Rainn Wilson Gets Super as The Crimson Bolt

By  · Published on July 27th, 2010

One of the few minor highlights of Comic-Con this year was the charming and charmingly foul-mouthed Super from the totally well-adjusted mind of James Gunn.

The film stars Rainn Wilson as a man who loses his wife to drugs and another man and straps on the spandex in order to get her back. Because, as we all know, every hot woman (including Liv Tyler) is helpless to resist even the schlubbiest of men if they’re skin tight in red tights and a cape.

Brace yoursef. You, too, may not be able to resist sliding your tongue against the computer screen in an inappropriate manner when you see Dwight Schrute ready to fight for justice.

If you think you can contain yourself, clicking on the image makes it even bigger.

Cod pieces aside, the movie looks like a good indie antidote to some of the larger superhero properties. As mentioned in my panel write up, the everyman hero has become its own genre, but this film looks like Kick-Ass if Kick-Ass got to do everything it really wanted to do. Or at least it looks like Falling Down meets “The Greatest American Hero.”

Contemplate that while checking out this photo of Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler about the make out:

If you like that, you should see him taking a monkey wrench to a line-jumper’s forehead.

What do you think?

Source: James Gunn’s website

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