‘Kick Ass’ Creator Makes Bloodlust-Free Children in ‘Kindergarten Heroes’

By  · Published on October 2nd, 2013

Mark Millar, the comic book writer responsible for Wanted and the Kick Ass series, is normally associated with gooey, gory mayhem and a dash of immaturity. Watching about fifteen seconds worth of Kick Ass could tell you that. But despite arming children with lethal weapons and strings of profanities, he also has a softer side. It’s the kinder, gentler Millar that created “Kindergarten Heroes,” a superhero-themed children’s book that’s now being adapted into a feature film.

Deadline, which broke the story, has Carter Blanchard (who’s written the upcoming Glimmer and Spy Hunter) on screenwriting duties for Kindergarten Heroes, with plans to turn it into the latest kids’ movie franchise. And for those worried that Millar is only capable of writing child characters with an unquenchable thirst for killing, rest assured his film adaptations may all be (until now) bursting at the seams with fake blood, but Millar has plenty of kid-friendly comics under his belt. Kindergarten Heroes may just be a break before the burst of toilet humor and violent dismemberment.

And who knows if a movie about knee-high superheroes will have any merit to it at all. It might be quickly forgotten fare, like Sky High. Or “I wish I could forget this but it’s been burned into my retinas forever” fare, like Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. So long as they keep the super-belches to a minimum, it should be okay.