Kevin Smith Gets a Few More ‘Dicks’

By  · Published on June 30th, 2009

And the casting news just keeps on rolling in. Just yesterday we announced with almost the same pun that old friend and sometimes beard-mate Jason Lee would be joining Kevin Smith’s latest endeavor. Today, it looks as though comedian Jim Norton and Michelle Trachtenberg are joining the fray.

According to /film, Trachtenberg is joining A Couple of Dicks as the daughter of Bruce Willis’s detective character, and Norton is joining up as her step-father. I’m hoping for some Willis/Norton conflict on the horizon.

Some fans will know Trachtenberg from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but I take it all the way back to when I first fell in love with her on “Pete and Pete.” What a great show. I’m sure FSR fans will have already heard the rumors that she and I are not dating, but I can neither confirm or deny any gossip.

On the flip side, Jim Norton is a very funny, usually very angry man that apparently has no problem giving out his phone number (917.267.2602) on his myspace page. Fan availability – what a sweetheart. In that way, Norton is basically the Tyrese Gibson of comedy.

What do you think?

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