Kevin James to Fall Down a Lot in Mixed Martial Arts Comedy

By  · Published on September 16th, 2010

Last week on Reject Radio, the question came up as to whether a screenwriter working on a Kevin James film actually writes a detailed description of the joke being told or if he simply writes “Kevin fall down.”

The mystery remained unsolved, but Hollywood is giving the world another clue with an untitled project starring James. He’ll play a physics teacher who ends up spending his nights as a mixed martial arts fighter in order to help a financially ailing school and best friend.

It would be easy to dismiss this, but the movie sounds like a sweet one. Not “sweet” in the skateboarding sense of the word, but “sweet” the way that you mom usually uses it right before she says a phrase like “bless her heart.” A teacher enters the world of MMA out of selfless reasons, probably learns a bit about himself, and cracks some one-liners in the mean time.

It will most likely not make the history books under comedy masterpieces, but there are far worse ideas out there. Like the one where Kevin James plays a zookeeper whose animals talk to him.

On another note, it’s clear that commentary is going to sway toward how large Kevin James is, but 1) being a bit larger will probably help the comedy and b) Roy Nelson exists:

It’s MMA. Not gymnastics. Side note: when are we getting a Big Country biopic?

So, yes, this is the kind of harmless film that will make a decent coin at the box office, provide a few laughs, and never hurt anyone. At least it’s not a remake.


Source: Deadline Gainesville

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