Jurassic World Sequel Due in 2018 With Pratt and Howard Returning

By  · Published on July 23rd, 2015

Universal Pictures

I guess Universal was just waiting for Jurassic World to hit the #3 position on the all-time worldwide box office chart (not adjusted for inflation) before announcing the expected follow-up. I’m still hoping the studio decides to either one day do a crossover with the Jurassic and the Fast and the Furious franchises or just adapt the comic book “Xenozoic Tales,” but for now we’re getting a fourth Jurassic Park sequel, which will arrive June 22, 2018 (almost exactly three years from the latest’s release), and Jurassic World leads Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are both set to return.

With them reprising their respective roles as dino-trainer Owen and awful dino-park manager Claire, this does definitely feel like it could just be considered Jurassic World 2 rather than Jurassic Park 5. Previously we never really saw the original combination of leads return to the franchise. We eventually saw Sam Neill and Laura Dern in the same movie, Jurassic Park III, but not sharing the screen together. We can assume Pratt and Howard (and her heels) will both be major characters once again.

Not returning in full capacity is director Colin Trevorrow. He is writing the screenplay, however, with Derek Connolly.What will that screenplay entail? Many speculations have suggested a continuation of the concept of using dinosaurs as weapons of war. Another idea based on Jurassic World viral video clues is that it would be set in Siberia and involve Mammoths. Many fans would like to see the next installment set in space.

Here’s where I think it should logically go: to Isla Sorna and then to San Diego. Yes, that’s exactly what we saw in the first sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. But Jurassic World is all a beat-for-beat redo of Jurassic Park, so why not keep the idea going. It earned more than a billion dollars, after all. Little things will be different, of course, and bigger. Instead of a gymnast girl we meet Pratt’s illegitimate daughter, who is a star volleyball player. And at one point she spikes a giant rock at a dino threat. And okay, maybe the climax is New York City instead of San Diego. An Indominus Rex climbs the new Freedom Tower.

Okay enough giving the guys free ideas (for more, come find me with your wallet open).

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