Jonas Cuaron to Start a New Life Under the Sea with ‘The Lost City’

By  · Published on October 17th, 2013

It’s probably safe to say that after Gravity, Jonás Cuarón can do whatever he wants. And apparently, what he wants to do next is travel to the lost city of Atlantis and do a little filmmaking with the undersea set. The Gravity screenwriter will be writing The Lost City for Warner Bros., which will be (according to Variety, who broke the story) a “new take” on the fabled sunken city. Those two words are the only plot details we have for now, so The Lost City could essentially be anything, so long as it’s at least marginally related to people who live under the sea.

Cuarón’s got a busy slate for now – he’s directing Desierto next, a thriller starring Gael García Bernal about two illegal immigrants who cross paths with a violent and unstable American vigilante who’s taken it upon himself to patrol the border. Seems perfectly natural to head for the ocean after a few hot months on the Mexican border. And because his father Alfonso won’t be directing The Lost City (although, at one point, Peter Jackson was rumored to step in), it may not have the same visual punch as Gravity did – but if it’s got even a fraction of Gravity’s endless thrills, people will line up around the block. The Atlantean people are in good hands.