‘John Carter’ of Mars Trailer Lacks One Thing: Mars

By  · Published on July 15th, 2011

The first teaser for John Carter isn’t the astonishing first peek it should be. Instead, it’s oddly underwhelming. Where’s the sense of a grand-scale adventure film? First of all, John Carter seems to be hanging out in any Earth bound desert, not Mars. There’s nothing in this trailer that’ll tell a filmgoer who is unfamiliar with the books that they’re on frickin’ Mars. Besides the quick glimpse of a green martian, very little is here that gives off the vibe that they’re on an alien inhabited planet.

Watch the trailer:

Complaints aside, this ain’t a bad teaser. It’s just fine, but that’s kind of the problem.

Perhaps Disney is holding back on showing some of the goods this early on, and being this far out, a lot of FX work is surely unfinished. If this trailer gets across anything, it’s the old-school adventure vibe. The spirit and tone they seem to be going for could make for a fantastic event film. Andrew Stanton is a sure thing when it delivering fun adventures with a heart, so I bet he’ll deliver an epic far greater than this ok teaser hints at.

John Carter opens on March 9th, 2012.

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