Joel Schumacher, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman Could Be Getting Dumped with ‘Trespass’

By  · Published on July 29th, 2011

For a film with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman to get theatrically dumped, it’s a pretty clear sign that the final product didn’t turn out so hot.

The dumpee is Joel Schumacher’s Trespass. That’s right, a Joel Schmucher film with two recognizable stars is getting rushed in and out of the market.

Apparently, it will be hitting DVD and VOD three weeks after its October 14th theatrical release. VideoEta already has the home video release date listed as November 1st. Millennium picked up the film about a month ago and even with the hit and miss star power involved, one would think it would get a bigger release than this.

If the quality-bipolar Joel Schumacher’s home-invasion film is on the very, very small level of his last effort, Twelve, then this supposed release plan makes plenty of sense. The director hasn’t been delivering anything close to the excellency of Tigerland or Falling Down for quite a long time. Phone Booth? Sure, it’s pretty good. However, Twelve, The Number 23, Bad Company, and The Phantom of the Opera all make that fine B-movie disappear.

Source: Movieline

Correction: This post originally featured a poster that was discovered through a twitter feed for the movie that appears to have been faked (in bad photoshop fashion). We regret the error, but the saddening release information is still accurate.

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