Joe Carnahan Confirms ‘The Grey’ Re-Release; Wolves Everywhere Ready Themselves

By  · Published on December 3rd, 2012

As was rumored last week, Joe Carnahan’s The Grey will be getting a brief and limited theatrical re-release later this week in order to allow the Liam-Neeson-punches-wolves-and-stuff-and-also-you-cry extravaganza to get a late-breaking awards season push. Why anyone would not already have Neeson down as a lock for Best Wolf-Punching Performance of the Year is unknown, but hey, attention spans are short in Hollywood.

Caranhan confirmed the news via his Twitter, tweeting out: “Guys, December 7th ‘THE GREY’ begins a two week run at the Laemmle Santa Monica theatre & the Laemmle Town Center, Encino. GET THE WORD OUT!”

As our pals over at /Film note, the film is already on both DVD and Netflix (it was released nearly a year ago, after all), but if you’re not interested in seeing Liam Neeson fight a wolf with his bare hands and broken bottles on the big screen, I’m not sure what you could possibly be interested in. Also, now you can see The Grey and Flight in theaters back-to-back for one hell of a double feature, one that will guarantee you won’t want to fly anywhere, possibly ever again.