‘Jobs’ Instagram Trailer: Apparently They’re Putting Trailers on Instagram Now

By  · Published on July 16th, 2013

It had to happen sometime. Today marks the first time a movie trailer has been released on Instagram, and that movie is Jobs, the upcoming biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as Apple icon Steve Jobs. Back in June, Instagram gave users the option to filter videos as well as photos, and now it seems as though Instagram movie trailers will become a regular thing.

The trailer is essentially a quick highlight reel of the official theatrical one. We see Kutcher’s Jobs, shirtless and screaming. Running his hands through a field of wheat like he had just seen Gladiator for the first time. Admiring his own image in the reflection of a shiny new iPod. It’s not that different from an ad you’d see on Youtube (maybe with an extra layer of cheese), but it’s also something you can watch while looking at photos with fun filters on them. Go ahead and check out the trailer below.

Only time (and common sense) will tell if putting movie trailers on Instagram is the next great innovation. But in the meantime, there’s sure to be more 15-second spots headed Instagram’s way. Hopefully not all of them feature a screaming, half-nude Ashton Kutcher.

Watch it for yourself below:

Jobs hits theaters on August 16, 2013 and stars Kutcher as well as Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney and Matthew Modine.