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57 Jackie Chan Movies You Can Stream Right Now!

Including 25 to watch via monthly streaming services and an additional 32 you can rent or buy on Amazon!
By  · Published on October 13th, 2017

Including 25 to watch via monthly streaming services and an additional 32 you can rent or buy on Amazon!

Jackie Chan‘s 130th-ish feature film as an actor, The Foreigner, opens tomorrow across the country — it’s already pulled in $70 million elsewhere in the world — and while advance reviews have been mixed I’m still pretty excited to see it. The film looks to be a mix of sobering plot turns and solid (albeit probably limited) action beats, and I am there for it all.

Chan’s huge filmography varies in quality, but while the heaviest concentration of great movies occurred in the 80s and 90s he has winners across all five decades. His frequent output combined with the ubiquitous nature of streaming means a quick Chan fix is never more than a few clicks away. And that’s a good thing because he’s a charismatic, charming, and calming presence onscreen thanks to a typically positive personality and the ease with which he uses his body like an ass-kicking silent film star.

Keep reading for a quick look at the Jackie Chan movies currently available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Around the World in 80 Days (Netflix)

Chan slides into the sidekick role here opposite Steve Coogan, and while the movie is geared towards the little ones it still manages to find some fun in his fights, stunts, and other physical antics.

Chinese Zodiac (Netflix)

Armour of God and Operation Condor are both terrifically fun action/adventures casting Chan in an exaggerated Indiana Jones mold, and while his overdue return to the character 21 years later pales beside them — an over-reliance on cg is the biggest culprit — there are a couple beats that find some minor thrills.

Eagle Shadow Fist (Amazon Prime)

Aka Fist of Anger, Chan has a tiny role as one of several Chinese workers struggling to resist Japanese rule, and there’s not really much reason to watch this one.

Fearless Hyena (Amazon Prime)

A simple plot — Chan plays a punk kid who loves to fight and finally gets a good excuse when his grandfather’s murdered — gets a simple execution.

Hand of Death (Amazon Prime)

Aka Shao Lin Men, Chan’s part of an ensemble here (that also includes a buck-toothed Sammo Hung), but little stands out.

Heart of the Dragon (Amazon Prime)

The rotund but ridiculously nimble Sammo Hung directs and co-stars as Chan’s mentally-challenged brother in a dramatic tale of honor and brotherly bonds that gets more serious than he’s used to while still delivering a lot of kick-ass fight scenes and stunts.

Kung Fu Panda (Netflix) & Kung Fu Panda 3 (Netflix)

I haven’t seen either of these animated blockbusters, and I don’t know if part two is necessary to follow along, but Chan probably got paid well for voicing the monkey.

Kung Fu Yoga (Netflix)

The second of Chan’s three live-action releases this year is the weakest among them — like Chinese Zodiac it’s hobbled by cg shenanigans — but if nothing else it’s worth a watch for the giant Bollywood-inspired dance number at the end.

The Legend of Drunken Master (Netflix)

Chan’s 1978 film, Drunken Master, is a fun, scrappy little action movie, but this revisit with the same character is a bigger and better experience all around leading up to an epic third act brawl that sees Chan taking on numerous baddies, being set on fire, and more.

Magnificent Bodyguards (Amazon Prime)

Chan has never sported better hair than he does here.

Master With Cracked Fingers (Amazon Prime)

Aka Snake Fist Fighter, Chan’s first lead role sees him as a young man whose secret fight lessons pay off when his uncle’s business is threatened.

The Medallion (Hulu)

The rare Chan bomb, even worldwide, this is a slight action/comedy that’s slight on both the action and comedy.

My Lucky Stars (Amazon Prime)

Chan takes a supporting role here alongside frequent collaborators Yeun Biao and Sammo Hung, but the film’s no less fun or action-packed for it.

New Fist of Fury (Amazon Prime)

Those pesky Japanese invaders are at it again forcing Chan to step up his game as a student at a martial arts school in Taiwan when the occupying power starts acting rudely.

Police Story: Lockdown (Netflix)

The sixth film in the loosely collected Police Story franchise (only the first two are actually related) continues in the serious vein of its predecessor, New Police Story, but it’s easily the driest of the franchise.

The Prisoner (Amazon Prime)

Aka Island of Fire, Chan appears in a supporting role as a professional billiards player who ends up in prison in this tale of corrupt authorities and a vengeful Andy Lau.

Project A (Hulu)

Chan takes on pirates in old Hong Kong in this madcap blast of fights and spectacular set-pieces including one hell of a nod to the great Harold Lloyd.

Railroad Tigers (Netflix)

This one came out last year, but while it features some expected cg it delivers plenty of big, fun action sequences set aboard a moving train.

Rumble in Hong Kong (Amazon Prime)

Aka Police Woman, Chan plays a very rare baddie here while Qiu Yuen kicks butt as the lady cop.

Rush Hour 2 (Amazon Prime)

It’s a little too reliant on repeating jokes/gags from the first, but laughs, action, and the addition of Maggie Q and Ziyi Yang make it forgivable.

Shaolin (Hulu)

Chan brings humor and wisdom in his supporting turn alongside Andy Lau’s cruel military leader who loses it all to a coup before finding redemption alongside an order of monks.

Skiptrace (Netflix)

Pairing Chan with Johnny Knoxville probably looked good on paper — to someone — but while the end result features some gorgeous landscapes neither the comedy nor the action find much success.

The Spy Next Door (Hulu, Amazon Prime)

Vin Diesel has The Pacifier, Dwayne Johnson has The Tooth Fairy, and Chan has this tale of an unlikely babysitter.

The Young Master (Amazon Prime)

Chan’s part of a Chinese Dragon performance troupe, but when he messes up he’s sent away on a journey of hard lessons and harder hits.

Amazon Video offers another 32 Chan films for rent or purchase, and unsurprisingly that’s where you’ll find many of his best including:

Armour of God

The first Asian Hawk adventure — think Indiana Jones but, you know, Asian — is just the right mix of goofiness and big action.

First Strike

Police Story IV (essentially) sees Chan taking part in multiple fights and stunt sequences including a brawl involving a ladder that remains a sight to behold.

Police Story

Pure motherflipping magic as Chan and his stunt team deliver killer scene after killer scene.

Rumble in the Bronx

This was the first of Chan’s films to get a re-edit and a big theatrical release here in the US, and not even the Weinsteins could smother its charms.

Rush Hour

Chan’s first big Hollywood movie remains a fun blast of laughs and action that play to almost all of his strengths.

Shanghai Noon

Not sure why people hate on this one, but I’m a fan of its “Rush Hour meets the Old West” shenanigans.

Shinjuku Incident

There’s some action here, but it’s also a heavy drama as Chan plays a Chinese immigrant facing incredible odds.


Chan is fantastic in this unofficial third Police Story film, but the wow factor belongs equally with the mesmerizing Michelle Yeoh as the duo deliver plenty of epic and entertaining beat downs..

Other Chan movies available for rent/purchase: 1911, The Accidental Spy, Cannonball Run II, City Hunter, Crime Story, Dragon Blade, Drunken Master, Forbidden Kingdom, The Karate Kid, Kung Fu Master, Little Big Soldier, Mr. Nice Guy, The Myth, New Police Story, Operation CondorThe Protector, Robin-B-Hood, Rush Hour 3, Shanghai Knights, Thunderbolt, The Tuxedo, and Twin Dragons

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