J.J. Abrams Totally Swears For Real He’ll Start Filming ‘Star Trek 2’ This Winter For Sure

By  · Published on September 14th, 2011

Somewhere, deep inside the offices of the major motion picture studios, minions are formulating ways to create successful franchises – planning fourthquels and fifthquels before a first film even gets off the ground. At the same time in an alternate universe, J.J. Abrams is still sitting on his hands after launching a wildly successful new science fiction franchise born from an old science fiction franchise.

While others would have scrambled to strike with a hot Star Trek iron, Abrams’s mind has been elsewhere, but it’s not entirely his responsibility. Writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman may be the busiest writing pair in Hollywood, and their dance cards weren’t exactly free either. However, all of that is in the past as Vulture is reporting that Abrams has committed to cameras rolling on Star Trek 2 this winter.

It was originally going to be released in June 2012, but that date seems like a long shot now (and Paramount has tossed G.I. Joe 2 in as a replacement already anyway). So we’ve got a filming date (sort of), no script, a wink, a prayer, and the promise of more Trek next year at some point. Maybe a Christmas release?

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