Is This The Warners ‘Thundercats’ Test Footage?

By  · Published on February 12th, 2011

It seems a little bit rough, a little bit amateurish, and the tone of it all is definitely aimed at some mythical age group that likes bad jokes, but Flixist has acquired what someone is claiming to be official test footage for the long-in-development take on Thundercats by Warners. The gut reaction is that it isn’t, but it might be.

The camera work isn’t oriented well, the coloration is a bit off, and the lighting is poor. Plus, maybe the best indicator is that the set up is corny and lame. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking, hoping against hope that this isn’t the direction Warners would take.

So what makes it possible? There’s a Warners logo on the front end that fades directly into the dirt. Is that conclusive? No. Anyone as decently skilled at CGI as whomever made this could easily snag that logo and use it. And why would Warners put that logo over test footage?

There are too many questions here, even if the look of the video does match the concept art revealed in 2009 fairly faithfully.

We’ll let you be the judge:

What do you think?

Even though the look matches earlier concept art, that doesn’t mean much either. A fan dedicated to making something like this probably would have been following news on the project and scoped out that concept work.

Still, it’s professional enough to almost be convincing. Plus, someone put a ton of effort into making this.

We’re checking in with Warners, but by the time of this posting, they haven’t gotten back to us.

At any rate, if this is the style that they’re going for, it’s most likely going to be a major disappointment to fans of the television show.

On the other hand, this trailer for Thundercats starring Brad Pitt is definitely fan made.

What say you, internet?

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