Is Starbuck Going To Play Typhoid Mary In An Upcoming Marvel Movie?

Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”) reportedly entered L.A.’s Golden Apple comic book store last week for some possible research material.
By  · Published on May 25th, 2009

It’s not often that a film leads to a spinoff that in turn gives rise to it’s own spinoff, but that appears to be the case with this summer’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  After being leaked online in advance and receiving a severe critical drubbing upon release the movie has still managed to bank over $300 million worldwide almost guaranteeing a follow-up of it’s own.  It’s still unknown if it’ll receive a proper sequel, but a spinoff Deadpool movie is already in pre-production.  Another possible film in the Marvel pipeline, a Daredevil reboot, is more rumor than fact at this point.  The Ben Affleck stinkpalm of a movie is only six years old though, and for all the hatred it received it still grossed well over twice it’s budget worldwide, so I honestly wouldn’t expect a remake anytime soon.  Fact or fiction, neither film has anything resembling a cast, script, or director yet, but that won’t stop the rumors…

Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”) reportedly entered L.A.’s Golden Apple comic book store last week for some possible research material.  Per Golden Apple, “So we got a little visit in our comic shop last week by Katee Sackhoff, also known as Starbuck for her role on BSG.  She proceeded to grab all the Typhoid Mary comics we had and has hopes to get a part for a marvel movie…”  The question becomes which movie is she researching a role for?  (The real question is why assume she’s researching anything at all?  Maybe she’s just shopping for a nephew’s birthday, but since real movie news is pretty damn slim this holiday weekend we’re going to pretend it’s movie related okay?)

The character of Typhoid Mary is most prevalent in the Daredevil comics where she first appeared.  As a highly unstable villain with multiple personalities and telekinetic/pyrokinetic powers she’s fought against Daredevil and the Avengers, spent time in and out of mental institutions, and even become a TV star.  Her path has also crossed more than once with the character of Deadpool which leads to a repeat of the question already posed… which movie is Sackhoff hoping to add to her resume?

Regardless of which film the character ultimately appears in, I’d say Sackhoff is a worthy actor for the role.  Her role as Starbuck on BSG has showcased her abilities both physical and emotional.  Love her or hate her she more than capably moved the character through scenes of action, love, anger, and madness, and Sackhoff’s brief stint on the reboot of “The Bionic Woman” showed more of the same unpredictability and emotional chaos.  Now if only there were a Marvel villain for Grace “Boomer” Park to portray…

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What would you think of Sackhoff as Typhoid Mary?  Which movie do you think/hope she’s researching?

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