Is FDR an ‘American Badass’ That Kills Werewolves?

By  · Published on November 2nd, 2010

There are few sentences in this world that I’ve wanted to write more than that one, and the chance to do so was created by Production Weekly claiming that:

“Move over Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter here comes FDR: American Badass – Franklin Roosevelt vs. Werewolves – filming next month in LA.”

Who in the? For a production that’s starting next month, there’s no other information about it anywhere, which means it might just be some sort of Asylum knock off. But that’s ridiculous. Asylum would never have an American icon in a wheelchair battling giant wolf-men. Oh, no wait. That’s exactly what they’d do.

I’m only on board if it ends with him sending his wife to be ambassador to the Werewolf-led United Nations. Or if Polio somehow causes people to turn into werewolves. Either way.

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