‘Iron Sky 2’ Promises Udo Kier and Dinosaurs (If You’ll Fund It)

By  · Published on June 27th, 2013

Iron Sky – aka the Moon Nazi Movie – wasn’t really my cup of crazy tea, but it found a dedicated cult audience, so it’s not all that surprising that director Timo Vuorensola wants a second shot at the fourth Reich. He and a production team for Iron Sky: The Coming Race are currently chest-deep in cash on IndieGoGo.

According to their press release, their trying to push beyond $100K in the final days of the campaign, and to do so, they’ve enlisted the help of Udo Kier who (in character as Wolfgang Kortzfleisch) has a message for fans.

The other message they’re sending is that dinosaurs are almost definitely going to be in the sequel – which looks like it expands on the Moon Nazi mythology by adding Center Of The Earth Nazis (as evidenced by the Verne-esque portrait above).

The only curious thing is that their crowdfunding campaign talks about wanting more autonomy when it comes to distribution and financier expectations, but their press release claims they’ll need a full $15M for the film. If their crowdfunding only raises 6% of that, they may not be quite as autonomous as they want.

But you know what? Even though the first was a messy bore of non-comedy, I have high hopes for a sequel because 1) it has Udo Kier again, 2) it offers them another shot to get modern Nazis right, and 3) I’m a sucker for anyone who has ego enough to claim they’re making “the most awesome science fiction film of the decade.”

With a concept as fun as dino-riding Nazis, why not hope for the best? Go get ’em, Moon Fuhrer.

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