‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Trailer: Homelessness, Folk Tunes, and That Darn Cat

By  · Published on October 7th, 2013

It’s been far too long since Joel and Ethan Coen put out a new film. But judging by the latest trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis, the wait was well-deserved. It’s a trailer so chock-full of glowing critical blurbs that there’s barely any room for actual footage, but what’s contained within is still worth a watch.

And for a film that’s been described as the Coens’ most somber and laugh-free film to date (by a multitude of critics, including our own Shaun Munro), there’s a surprising amount of that signature Coen deadpan packed into these three minutes. Out of place cats, questionable suicide choices, the meaning of life contemplated in bathroom graffiti; all can be found in this latest trailer. The melancholy side is there as well, but seems to be relegated to the music and the cinematography. The former is a rendition of “Dink’s Song” that carries throughout the entire trailer (much like the film, which uses its songs in whole, unbroken performances), the latter is far more drab and washed-out than we’ve come to expect from the Coens.

Don’t expect too many comical rabbis or stick-up artists with lingerie on their heads. Watch the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis after the break.

Inside Llewyn Davis opens for a limited release on December 6th, with a wide release to follow on December 20th. [IMDb]