‘In Time’ Trailer Features Lots of Running. Lots of it.

By  · Published on August 1st, 2011

One of the few films from Comic-Con that I wasn’t looking forward to, but left feeling excited about, is Andrew Niccol’s In Time. After viewing the sizzle reel in Hall H and interviewing Niccol, expectations got raised. Niccol isn’t a filmmaker that works all that often and considering this is his return to the sci-fi world, it’s somewhat of a mini-event.

This is also his first action movie, and it is shot through the eyes of Roger Deakins.

The action is apparently all running, too – something expressed pretty clearly in this trailer. Seeing Justin Timberlake run around for two hours isn’t exactly ideal entertainment, but there looks to be more than a generic chase film here. The world building comes off topnotch, Roger Deakins’s first step into the digital realm seems to be a success, and Cillian Murphy as the man hunting Timberlake down is an idea I can get behind.

In Time opens in theaters on October 28th.

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