In Soviet Russia, ‘The Red Star’ Directs Josh Trank

By  · Published on March 20th, 2012

Chronicle director Josh Trank is already looking to bring the drooling dark visage of Venom to the big screen, but Deadline Lamar is announcing that he’s officially on board to bring another comic book to life as a movie. He’s been hired by Warners to direct The Red Star – an adaptation of the comic book series of the same name from creator Christian Gossett.

It’s a solid fit for the man who got famous with teenage super powers. “The Red Star” is a sprawling story that involves as much wizardry as it does alternate history, telling the story of a mythical Russia (The Lands of the Red Star) who is engaged in a brutal war with its enemy Al’lstaan. It’s an epic told from many different angles with a ton of cool elements (like human energy cannons).

It’s an awesome, excellent book and bringing it to life will most likely involve a lot of effects work and a huge filmmaking sensibility. Plus, it would bring us one step closer to Superman: Red Son becoming a possibility. In Soviet Russia, everyone wins.

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