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Image and Emotion: Takeaways from a Conversation Between del Toro, DuVernay, Mangold and More

Want a look into a conversation on inspiration between filmmakers from Guillermo del Toro to Ava DuVernay? Thanks to Twitter, you can.
By  · Published on May 23rd, 2017

These excerpts are just highlights from the conversation, with this discussion between some of our best filmmakers still happening right now on Twitter. DuVernay has discussed how she feels her obligation as a filmmaker is to “tell the truth as I know and feel it. Be in love w/ each frame, each idea. Then trust that at least a few folks out there will agree w/ me.” Mangold has shared that “I try to write as if speaking aloud a description of my finished film to a blind person. I must be brief or the film will get ahead of me.” Wright says that he shot a kitchen scene in Shaun of the Dead  in “quasi-Bergman-style” because he ran out of time for coverage, yet this ended up working well. Meanwhile, del Toro has revealed that The Devil’s Backbone ending was supposed to be one long scene with a lot of cuts, yet “when I shot the master I said: “That’s it, we got it”- shot no more.”

McQuarrie is still posing questions to his fellow filmmakers, with the latest one being found here. You can also begin here and here to read the conversations and some of the other great stuff these directors are sharing with their viewers.

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