Iggy Pop Will Haunt Your Nightmares If He Isn’t Already in Dario Argento’s ‘The Sandman’

By  · Published on October 13th, 2014


There are things that are spooky and scary and go bump in the night, monsters and demons and specters and whispering voices – the things that haunt your nightmares as a child and give you that foreboding feeling that you’ve tried to get rid of as an adult. And also there’s Iggy Pop. He’s definitely in there somewhere, probably between the boogeyman and saying “Bloody Mary” three times at a slumber party. That sounds about right.

The Godfather of Punk, who is no stranger to the film world, has teamed up with Dario Argento to morph into a monster that probably hasn’t crossed most of your minds for some time, given the fact that there have been approximately 8,000 Dracula and Frankenstein adaptations to digest. Argento has launched an Indigogo campaign to turn Iggy Pop into the titular monster of The Sandman — a “Christmas horror” film, which they are careful to remind readers is about the “REAL Sandman” (possibly a pointed reference to a little Neil Gaiman project?)

The Sandman is the charming ghoul who, according to German legend, would visit the bedrooms of those bratty kids who just wouldn’t go to sleep, steal their eyeballs and then go feed them to his own children on the moon. A comforting bedtime story that will definitely help kids with that whole “close your eyes and sleep peacefully so a demonic serial killer from space doesn’t harvest your eyes for his family dinner” thing.

The campaign is trying to reach a $250,000 goal; at this point, they’ve raised $24,974, though that number is likely changing and growing. Argento will be directing with a script by David Tully (Djinn). In this adaptation, a student named Nathan tussled with a serial killer named The Sandman (who axes his victims by stealing their eyes with a jagged melon spoon) as a child. Nathan believes that he killed him after his mother became one of those victims, but Nathan clearly didn’t know one of the basic tenants of horror: if you think they’re dead they’re probably coming back for blood later. Go to bed and keep those eyes closed, kid.

It’s promised that “The Sandman will be a Gaillo for a new millennium!” and donating comes with many a “terr(or)ific perk”.The team-up of Argento and Iggy Pop is something to behold. The latter has had his share of odd roles – he’s a John Waters favorite if that indicates anything – but seeing him transform into a bonafide nightmare just feels right. If you’d like to hear it from the man himself, he’s the star of their wonderfully odd pitch video. Merry Christmas, Iggy Pop.

Check it out below: