‘I Love You Daddy’ Trailer: Louis C.K. With A Whole Lot of ‘Manhattan’

Missing FX’s Louie? I Love You, Daddy might fill that void.
By  · Published on October 18th, 2017

Missing FX’s Louie? I Love You, Daddy might fill that void.

Chances are you are familiar with comedian Louis C.K. and his brand of comedy. Whether that is from his numerous stand-up specials, his hit television show Louie, or his self-financed series Horace and Pete, Louis C.K. is just about everywhere these days. While working on Horace and Pete, he was also directing his first feature film since 2001’s Pootie Tang. That film is none other than I Love You, Daddy.

Self-financing I Love You, Daddy allowed Louis C.K. to make the exact movie he wanted to make and in secret. He hired a fantastic cast including Chloë Grace Moretz, John Malkovich, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day, Edie Falco, and Helen Hunt. He also got to explore a very interesting topic, that of an older man romancing a young woman. If that instantly draws parallels to Woody Allen’s Manhattan than perhaps that was always the intention. Louis C.K. spared no expense getting the film exactly the way he wanted including recording the score for I Love You, Daddy at Abbey Road studios.

The story follows Louis C.K. who is a successful television producer looking to put together his new show. At the same time, his young daughter China (Moretz) is reconnecting with him and basically getting whatever her heart desires. During a function with countless movie stars and celebrities, China becomes interested in an older filmmaker (Malkovich) and that doesn’t sit well with daddy.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where audiences got to take in Louis C.K.’s secret film for the first time. Reactions weren’t especially ecstatic for the film, including my own which felt that it overstays its welcome. That being said, Malkovich and Day are fantastic in the feature and if you miss Louie this might be the particular piece of self-loathing you were looking for.

I Love You, Daddy will be released by The Orchard on November, 17th.

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